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Then the needle valve is placed downstream of the tillix valve.
The tillix must open and adjust to 0.3 bar.So if I didn't get it wrong without the tillix valve it should still work.
Before install, set Dawes (@300mbar/approx 4-5psi) with a compressor or the like with pressure gauge fitted. To do this use a short length hose on pressure "in side" of the Dawes and adjust Dawes until you can just feel the air passing thru it (then lock it). As Phil stated block off one outlets (@ Tee of Dawes)

Then install as per diagram, open needle on downstream side of Dawes say half to one turn to start with,
@ idle adjust spool needle as normal (lever just to hit vane limit stop grub screw).
Go for a drive adjust for your boost level by adjusting Dawes bleed needle_closing it will raise boost and may need more adjustment to spool needle(this will also have impact on boost level).

Interested to read see how you go.
181 - 182 of 182 Posts