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My borther is coming to visit from europe and would love to do a 10day ish 4wd & camping adventure/trip in Australia, if you had 10days ish to do just one trip which one would it be?? he'll be here in september, based in SEqld but can go anywhere in Australia, we would just ship the patrol to or from or both to the nearest city if we didnt have the time to drive to the start or finish point.

tough 4wding and nice camping are the proity, it'll be his only trip over here so which one would you reckon you'd do if you could only do one trip.

I prefer the Victorian Tasmanian or tropical countryside as opposed to the desert, he doesn’t mind once its scenic quintessentially Australian and hard going.

He's done some travelling in african so is used of tough 4wd and camping in the bush, also is a farmer so is in a 4wd every day just not in deserts i suppose!!

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Forget Victoria, as everything is closed from Jun (after Queens Birthday weekend) until Nov (start of Melbourne Cup weekend).



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What do you consider "tough 4wding"?
Do you want to drive every day?
Base camp?
Remote travel?
how many cars?
how many people? all experienced?

forget most of NSW and most of Vic.

fraser, morton, birdsville, flinders, broken hill, murray sunset/little desert (its not a desert), robe etc. 230920394 options.
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