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If you really want to spin out, right down on paper every single phone call you make (home or mobile) Telstra, Optus etc are notorious for overcharging customers...

My old man got STD calls restricted from his phone because of how high the bills were each month from calling family in Sydney. The following month though they tried to charge him for calling interstate which of course was impossible at the time. They simply appologised stating there was a computer error and retracted the bill. So the following months he kept tabs of every call made and the next 2 months was over charged also. Seems as though they look at what calls you make regularly and add that number a few extra times to sting more money out of you. Who is going to know? Who keeps track of every single call? And if you see a number you ring regularly how would you know how many times you rang it in a month?

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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