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I think our technical sections are undergoing a bit of a transformation. On GQ/GU, for the last 20+ years it was all about learning and understanding the complete OE vehicle, bumper to bumper. But I think the knowledge base on these now is so massive that there isn’t much more that we can “learn” about these vehicles as they left the factory.

It is now becoming more a conversation about how are we going to keep these things alive for the next 20-30 years, most of which would require powerplant transplants, maybe even going EV one day :eek: if they don’t succumb to the dreaded metal cancer.

Most of the threads I read nowadays are either about “how do I make this or that engine work in my Patrol” or it’s relatively newcomers asking questions that have already been answered numerous times, and we just point them in the direction of where to find the info. Unfortunately this creates a lot of one-hit wonders where someone would register, ask one question and then disappear, quite often not even having the decency to acknowledge the replies we give and the information we provide.

It is a pity that the knowledge base here on Y62 is not as good as it could be. I don’t know why the Y62 brigade seems intent on hanging out in Fakebook, so I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to fix that. Maybe it’ll come with time…
1 - 1 of 37 Posts