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This is about the $150 engine I bought
The Injector pump, turbo and the injectors were already sold off, the head was still bolted on, it had the front pulley etc.

The story was -
His patrol was under a small tree in his suburban back yard when struck by lightning, apparently most bulbs, the computer, fuel pump all got blown, even the 'not plugged in' phone charger.
So he bought another complete patrol (2003) to strip out the electrics

Now it seems, this engine always ran above normal temperature and would heat up under load
Eventually it let water into No s 3 + 4. They parked it

I stripped the motor down, I cannot see any defects in the head gasket, and have not had the head checked, although I cannot see any cracks.
The pistons came out easily, standard bore, except No 1 has the tip off the glow-plug score

Then I pulled the water pump off and was amazed to see

The deflection plate or what ever you call it was HAMMERED into the bottom of the water pump rear gallery!
The impeller has the vanes flattened back somewhat, and not straight across the surface, therefore running on the surface of the housing
This is seriously going to inhibit the water pump.
No wonder the motor ran above normal !

Who would be vindictive enough to deliberately sabotage a pump like this?
Begs all sorts of questions, Repossession? Customer owed the mechanic a carton? Mechanics wife gone off with customer?
If it has heating trouble, Why was the pump not investigated?
Perhaps the same mechanic knew what the trouble actually was, but kept charging the customer for all the other parts and labor?

Defects in mechanical objects never cease to surprise and amaze me, at my age I was beginning to think I has seen most of it
And the customer wonders why you can't tell them what is wrong by looking out the window, at it parked at the curb, and then you start undoing bolts.
Do you rely have to take that apart? they ask
I have learned NEVER NEVER listen to what the "other person" did - start your own process rod
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