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Hi there,

I am an owner of a Nissan 2001 GU Y61 3.0lt Turbo diesel patrol with overheating issues. I have had this vehicle from a year now and haven't experienced any troubles, I regularly service the vehicle as per the recommended guidelines and the previous owners had done the same.

Normally whether it is driving to or from work or cruising on the open highway at 110km the needle of the heat sits just below half way and doesn't move.

I have discovered recently that when I travel at an incline greater than 10% - 15% I watch the needle climb quite rapidly and I start to lose power. I pull over and 5 minutes later the needle returns to its normal spot. This has occurred without any towing or with any heavy load. Apart from this discovery the patrol travels fine and I have not had any issues what-so-ever. I have checked the fan belts, the coolant, the inter-cooler and these all appear to be in good working order. There are no overt leaks to be found. So I'm at a loss.

Just wondering whether anyone has any ideas on the fault or is this a quirk of this type of patrol??
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