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2002 3.0 Litre DI, auto, 2 inch lift, 33inch KO 2s
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Looking for recommendations for a 'doors closed' respray of my GU lll Patrol within NSW, preferably Sydney, with attention to surface rust on body and bar work. Clear coat has peeled on bonnet (see the 'bubble photo', at the end), fennel strip and passenger door, and faded back to primer on the roof. Usual issues with water on the passenger footwell when it rains, too. Breakdown of the clear coat is spreading from panel to panel.
Replacement clearcoat needs to be harder grade than standard (such as FC720 or above or so I've been told), to deal with bush conditions.
Looking for bar work to brought back to a good standard, too.
My wish list includes changing existing flares for Kut Snakes (which I will supply), and completion of all work needs to be before beginning of September. 20210218_095420_LI.jpg 20210218_095504_LI.jpg 20210218_095756.jpg 20210218_095448.jpg 20210218_095530.jpg 20210218_095557_LI.jpg 20210218_095624.jpg 20210218_095726.jpg 20210220_181214.jpg 20210322_160929.jpg
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