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Hey guys,

I really havn't seen any 1/4 times on stock Patrols on google yet,

I would really like to know what time these particular patrols would get. Would be intresting knowing the comparison. I know they arn't ment for this, but its good to know.

2.8 GU Patrol
3.0ltr GU Patrol
4.2ltr GU Patrol
6.5ltr V8 GU Patrol

4.5 GU Patrol
4.8 GU Patrol
4.2 GQ Patrol
2.8 GQ Patrol
6.5 V8 GQ Patrol

So has anyone took there patrol on a 1/4 to show the other cars how its done? :p


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Why only GU?

What about 4.8s and 4.5?..

There is a thread somewhere about 0-100km/h and some of them also posted there times, not sure on exact distance though.

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That is definitely a diesel, you can see the black smoke from the exhaust through the blue tyre smoke.

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How do you know that for sure? Pretty sad on what happend at the end of the vid though.
isnt that Normal for a 4.2 -

Sorry guys, could'nt help just joking
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