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I have a .pdf file on this but it's too large to upload. When I get a chance I'll work out a way to add pics to this (or pm me with an email address and I'll send you the .pdf).

Telstra Fleet bulletin - Patrol cab/chassis Obeico CSV body - Spare Wheel Carrier Modification to carry wider tyres.

1. Background
The spare wheel carrier(s) were originally designed for wheels fitted with 7.50 R16 tyres.
Tyres are often replaced with 235 / 85R16 tyres which are slightly WIDER and DO NOT suit the original carrier.

Additional effort is required to engage & tighten the carrier’s centre bolt which puts additional strain on the centre bolt and tyre’s sidewall – See Fig 2.
If a spare wheel is fitted, or is being fitted, with a 235 / 85 R16 tyre then a modification to the four ‘stops’ on each carrier is required. This is providing that a modification has not already been done. ‘Stops’ are shown in Figure 2.

Note: Time taken to complete the modification to one carrier is approximately 45 minutes while the time taken to modify the two carriers is approximately 1 ½ hours.

Spare Wheel Carriers on Rear of an OBIECO Body

Wheel carrier ‘Stops” pressing excessively into tyre sidewall

2. Action by Dealer / Repairer

Check nominal measurement of carrier ‘stop’ to ensure modification has not already been done. An UNMODIFIED ‘stop’ (to suit an original 7.50 R16 tyres) is nominally 70mm wide; and A MODIFIED ‘stop’ (to suit a 235 / 85 R16 tyres) is nominally 55mm wide. If stop is 55mm don’t carry out modification

Check it is an Obieco body fitted to vehicle. The name ‘OBEICO’ is on carrier frame.

If the body is made by alternate manufacture (‘ROSCO’) then modification is not required

Check info on tyres fitted to spare wheels - if 7.50 R16 tyres are fitted – Do Not Modify Spare Wheel Carrier(s)

3. Modification Procedure.

Step 1. Remove carrier pivot bolt and remove carrier from vehicle. Repeat on other side if second carrier fitted.

Step 2. Cut off the four stops on each carrier.

Step 3. Shorten all ‘stops’ to 55mm.

Step 4. Re-weld ‘stops’ back on to carriers. Undercoat & paint welded areas. Refit carriers & spare wheels to vehicle.
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