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Hi all,
I'm new to this website but I'm already loving it, so many 4WD lovers!

Ok this is what I'm going through at the moment:

I went to Canada during Christmas and I had a drive of the FJ Cruiser, nice car. When I got back I went to the Toyota dealership and by a chance they had a brand new FJ demondtrator...I've immediately put a $1000.00 as a deposit and happy with it.

But then the Patrol GU 3.0 came to my mind, I went to a dealership and ffered me my 1k back from Toyota's deposit plus a price inferior to what I'm going to pay for the FJ (49990 + ORC).
The Patrol is a very nice car, its a diesel, reliable, u can go everyehere and not afraid to ruin it. (My grandpa used to drive the old 2.8 1993 model swb).

What do I have to do?? My hearth says Patrol, my girlfriend says FJ... I wish I had my friend over here to help me choose....please guys help me to decide.

What do you think about the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Thanks a lot

p.s. I'm not a 4WD fanatic, but I like to drive in the bush and go camping, load surfboards in the trunk and go everywhere (holidays permitting).
My uncle went to 1988 Camel Trophy "Ivory Coast" so probably that's why I would like something tougher.....

Please let me know!

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