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patrol not starting petrol/gas

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hi mates
i have a problem with the gas/petrol in the gq i was thinking it was electrical because the indecater lights on the switch dont light up ,but coild be something more she wont start on gas or petrol some how she is not getting fuel in to the carbe thefuse is good iam thinking it could be relay or to do with the gas setup pored petrol down into carde she started so not getting fuel solernoid problem, any ideas regards rob
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carby or efi?

it starts to narrow down whether sensors are involved....
due to him saying pouring petrol down the carbie id say. carb.
FMD, how to look a dick in one easy lesson... I didn't even register on that.....

on another note, I had a similar problem, it turned out to be a dodgey connection to the mixer switch
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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