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Hi all,

I've been reading the forums and it seems most of you guys are in Australia. I'm in Dubai and we have no diesel vehicles, everything is petrol because petrol is cheap.

So, let me explain the situation. Nissan is still selling new Patrol Safaris here, 2015 models from the showroom. You have to pay a deposit and wait 3 months. They cost around $50k USD. These used to be normal and super safari but now they've removed the normal model, and now the supers are just called safari. Everything is left hand drive. Vtc4800.

Now I want to buy a used one, maybe 07-08. Are the y61 patrols a safari model, or GR model, which series would that be? I know that '13 series are series 8 and far as I know they're all safaris.

Which year started getting that diff lock with the new ABLS system?

I hope this topic picks up so I can get some help in buying one from everyone here!!



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