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Pertronix red wire to where on ballast resistor

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I have owned a 89 GQ SWB 4.2 auto since new. I also have sitting in front of me a Pertronix 1762LS ignitor which I am about to fit to the beast using the original coil. I know the black wire from the Pertronix goes to the negative side of the coil, but I have searched on this forum and been given 2 different answers as to where to connect the red wire from the Pertronix. So my question is; does the red wire from the Pertronix go to the connection with the red wires on the ballast-resistor or to the connection with the black&white wire and why?
With the engine NOT running and ignition switch on, I have 12.35v at the battery, 5.52v at the red wire connection on the resistor and 10.93v at the black wire connection on the resistor. I dont want to stuff it

Thanks in advance.
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Connect to white wire on the resistor. Reason being is that it has 12v that's how mine is set up
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