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nissan patrol 1999 GU ST
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Please, is there anyone could help me? A few weeks ago, I lost my only key, before having a chance to cut a spare, My patrol 1999 2.8Lit turbo diesel. I put my cut, but not program, spare key and attempted to start my Patrol many times, and then I realised that the key has not been program to my patrol. Few Locksmith told me that by doing that the patrol computer will fell into “locked mode”.

Nissan service department in Rockdale, nsw 2216, could not reprogram an ignition key for me. They said on their Consult II display, they repeatedly having message BLOCKED mode. They tried to reset the computer, or clear the faulty codes, but had no success. They said it is a very expensive repair, as the keys+ECU+EMU ….etc have to be removed from my car, then be sent to Melbourne to reset. I think they are incompetent.

I think resetting a patrol computer is not a complicated process, and normally it should not be very expensive to reset. Please, suggest all options available to me.
Or, please forward this to appropriate people.
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