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I took my Troll out to Fraser Island this Christmas (DEC 2021) Inskip Manta-Ray ferry boarding queue, at 5:22 am. (It was a bloody long drive from Sydney).
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75mile beach at sunrise - it was magic - and a nice shot came out of it :D (Still at 20PSI here)
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I got bogged at N'gala rocks; Came in with 20psi, and then after spending good 30 minutes trying to get out of other people's way I went down to 12 - and then just idled out of there grandpa style.
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So many different sceneries are there to be seen on the island.
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Lessons learned:
Lower your tire pressure when on the sand down to 12psi.
I absolutely LOVE sand driving.
Fraser Island is my number one favourite place in the whole world.
One of the best spots in the world. Looks like you had a great time!
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