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Hey boys, a few months ago I brought an 03 polaris 600 twin cylinder for $1000 with new tyres.
Have removed front drive shafts for now as the splines are badly worn. Have replaced drive belt, driven clutch and a new carby. Fixed a lot of small things on it as well and is now a reasonable bike to ride.
I have a few questions, if anyone could give me some answers that would be sweet.
The engine idles fine but seems to vibrate a bit. It's fine under full throttle in soft terrain but vibrates quite badly on the road or in the paddock on a hard track.
The engine in mounted on rubbers so when I give it some curry the drive belt pulls the engine on an angle and I don't like that.
So my question is.
Can I make the engine solid mount like a ordinary dirt bike?
Would this make it viabrate more or cause other problems?
The drive shaft from the gearbox to the rear diff has a uni at each end. When looking down the shaft, the two uni's don't line up with each other. One uni is about 45 degree out. Would this cause a vibration?

Thanks for any input. Cheers.
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