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Hi guys,

I currently own an '08 X-Trail Ti. done a fair bit of work to it, but i have now pushed it as far as it can go. it is (soon to be was) my 1st 4wd (yes i know its not a "real" 4wd).

So i am looking at trading up to a 2010 ST 3.0 CRD Auto. I havent driven one as yet, dealer didnt have one available, but they have organised a Ti 3.0 Auto for me to drive on Friday morning.

basically what i want to know, from current owners, are there any problems with the vehicle i should be aware of? anything i

i have been given a price of $57k driveaway (and i'll still try to push that further down). that includes tint, towbar, snorkel, ARB steel bar, Warn 9000lb winch, IPF spotties, arb foglights (for the arb bar as the nissan lights dont fit).

should i get the nissan racks? or would i be better off buying rhino/prorack/rola?

Thanks in advance,

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