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took my shorty to adelaide for the christmas break - couldn't get over how much water was still sitting around!

long and the short of it though is that I've developed a power problem.

TB42, NA, dual fuel.

going up hills on the hume between hobrook and yass I suffered huge rev and power loss, from 3000rpm down to 900rpm in 4th. it appears to be worse on LPG as when I flick it to petrol she's much happier, although on the tallest climbs it was starting to run out of oomph

on LPG when climbing hills, the temp gauge goes from the half way point to 3/4, and she's never gone above half way in the past

no excess oil consumption, no oil in the water, but she is chewing slightly more coolant.

on the flat there's no dramas, no power loss, pulls like a billy goat.

+ further off behaviour...

fuel gauge was inoperative, speedo was intermittently working. for the last fortnight the speedo was working again. after I lost power I noticed that the speedo needle was stuck beyond 180kph and the fuel gauge was working again...

go fgure!

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id be getting a compression and cooling system pressure tests done. sounds like a possible cracked head. when the vehicle is cold open the rad cap and start her up. if you get a consistant stream of little bubbles id definately get them things done above.
as for the lack of power on lpg. get your gas tuned by someone good. it should make a difference, also make sure air filter isnt blocked up. and make sure your brakes arnt grabbing at all.
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