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1984 Nissan Patrol, mq/mk, sd33t
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Gday everyone

Ive been having some issues with my brakes. They were inittially very noisy because the drums were worn down. But now my rear rims heat up when driving which tells me the brakes are dragging. Ive been replacing them 1 part at a time to eliminate what it could be.
So far ive done...
Rear drums
Rear brake shoes
Cleaned and blown out rear lines
Triple checked my shoe adjustment
New master cylinder
New slave cylinders
Checked brake pedal clearance

Im currently waiting for new return springs to arrive to see if mine are stretched, but they seemed still strong when i changed the shoes.

The only thing i can think of left is the pressure proprtioning valve. Though im not sure if that would cause brake drag.

Any tips or ideas to try would be greatly appreciated. Id love to convert to discs but its my daily at the moment while I save for a work ute 🤣

Cheers, Jared
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