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Hi all new to group

Had issues with a trailer blowing out my indicators,
After going to a mates then back home then lots of head scratching,I then decided to make a jump wire to go from the red to the green on the flasher connector all the lights light up constant.
I replaced the indicator flasher unit today located behind the 12v socket middle console worked a treat.


It is a after market 3 prong flasher relay Nissan genuine $84+ had to order and wait or $42 had that one at auto parts place
Not all will work so I found. I tried a 3 prong flasher relay from my falcon no go.i was then concerned it may be something else glad I was wrong
I live out of town a bit so no just ducking in town to grab one.
Hope this helps someone with this issue

I had no hazards and no indicators and fuses were not blown.

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Jump into the introduction section and introduce yourself. We all appreciate good information. 馃憤

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Definitely one for the memory banks. Thanks for posting.

@geeyoutoo can you please put this in the archives once we have a stable site again?

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