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First time poster, loving this forum, it's a gold mine of information. Having a few problems and wondered if anyone could share some advice....

I recently bought a 2.8 GU (1999 TD) from a guy who replaced the LHS light cluster prior to me purchasing it. I threw away the reciept not really thinking about it, but then realised a few weeks later the white reverse light was permanently on whenever the main/headlights were turned on, and nothing happened when I threw it in reverse.

I took a look through the wiring looms (thinking all bulbs had gone in the LHS and RHS needed replacing, only to realise they are 'faux' lights...) and checked the voltages from the wiring block using a multimeter. Looking at the block, I think it's an aftermarket light replacement and the guy who installed it got the pins wrong....

So, I checked the voltages on the pins, found the ground (blue wire) and realised that the positive was currently wired to green (always on with the main lights) instead of the pink wire (on/off with reverse gear). Should be simple, right? So I switched the pins, everything seems to work fine, BUT: when the main lights are on and the car isn't started, when I put it into reverse the white LHS reverse light comes on, there's an electric whining coming from the console, and the gauges start up (odometer, oil gauge, usual lights you see when you start the car).

Any ideas where i'm going wrong here? There's 5 wires in the output harness (blue, black, yellow/pink and two green/yellow), and just two lights going to the reverse in the LHS block. I've checked against the Nissan GU wiring diagram for R/H cars, but it doesn't make sense and the wiring colours/blocks don't match. If anyone with a 2.8TD could snap a photo of the LHS wiring block by the back door, beers are on me :grin:


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