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Yes it will. My small Golf has a heavy machine gun mounted on the top, it can hardly hold its weight :p It also has double jet engines and a 4k sound system inbuilt. I drive around searching for Paris Hilton, Chavs or Sarah Palin. Maybe one day i'll make it out of my garage. In my MOT test they told me i should consider only having ONE jet engine, but i said fck you and they didnt take it any further, after all, i did have a heavy machine gun on my car.

Sometime me and a couple of friends hang out in my car, its fun because its such a hastle and is so small. If one of us gets mad, we just climb on to the roof and shoot like crazy. Good time :')

But yeah, go ahead and take your test, it will be absolutely fine.

Oh the good ol' pommy humour.
Mind you, if that was from the US, you would know if it was a joke or not ;)

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