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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a '99 2.8TD GU ST for my 31st birthday this year. I've found a 2nd hand one at a reasonable price, test driven it and had a pre-roadworthy done at a Nissan Dealer (because I knew they would nit-pick the hell out of it) - Here are the vehicles stats and also what the Nissan guys came up with:

1999 2.8TD ST GU
280,000k (mainly highway kms)
Had injectors done a couple of years ago
Had regular servicing its whole life (Every 6 months)
3 owners (The first 2 were company ownership)
VERY tidy inside and out and done very little 4wding
Clutch felt a bit funny and so did the steering, but otherwise ran well and gearbox felt great.
It has snorkel, bullbar, spotties, long range tank, cb radio & 31" BFGoodrich A/Ts all round (that need replacing)

Nissan findings:

Now, I'm aware that the Nissan guys are overpriced so this guy and I are both going to our respective mechanics (my mechanics are all 4 wheel drivers) to get quotes before we negotiate a price. My initial offer was 13k WITH a RWC, which it clearly won't get without a little bit of work.

Can you guys offer me any advice on what some of the above findings might mean and approx. costings to get it up to scratch? I've never owned a 4WD so any advice you can offer will be appreciated.

Troy :)
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