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Hi everyone, obviously I'm a new guy here, I got referred here by a mate of mine who goes by the username Tin Tin. He recently bought an 83 model patrol and took me out in it for some 4wd fun. And pretty much got me hooked! I have been trawling the web looking for a diesel patrol of similar year to cut my teeth on. I don't want to rush in as I don't want to purchase a lemon or regret the 4wd I do buy. I'm a 21 yr old lad from Adelaide and until recently I was a pretty one eyed ford fan. Tin tin opened my eyes to the wonders of 4wding and nissans in particular, I've been listening rather than talking and learning heaps, I figured the next step was a forum, as in the past forums have helped me learn stacks of info. I have decided my budget is around 4-5k for a patrol and then another 3-4k for modifications and getting all the seals, gaskets and oils done first thing.
I hope I enjoy my time here, I will try to just read and learn and only talk when I need the answer to something. I look forward to meeting some other SA patrol owners in the future and going 4wding with some of you. Thanks for reading!
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