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Queensland Floods

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To those of us that have family and friends in the flood zones in Queensland, our thoughts are with you we hope that all goes well, have just received news that parts of Toowoomba are being evacuated due to a storm about to arrive, I have lots of friends and my son and his girlfriend live in Toowoomba, so we are particularly interested in what is about to happen. My wife and I send all our best wishes to everyone in Queensland.

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holy crap have you seen toowoomba!??!?!?!??! OMG

Sky News: Torrent tears through Qld communities
Yes mate, there is a FB site devoted just to Toowoomba, the water is incredible, and it is about to get it again soon, more rain on its way
I second that, all the best and stay safe.
I live in Toowoomba, but am on holidays. looking at the news, it is the lockyer valley bearing the brunt, 7m wave came crashing down the range onto them!!!
How about some of the money sent overseas to help is held back to help Australians very much in need, or maybe those countries that have benefitted from all the aid we have sent, send some of it back, god knows we need some of it right now
I live in Toowoomba and the flooding was epic, people should check out some of the videos on Youtube.
More rain happening here right now, so it ain't done yet......................

:-( :-(
jesus guys stay safe .... get out if you have too .....
X2, if theres even the slightest possibility just leave immediately.

If your near a waterway, set up a watch system, 2hrs per person before relief.
damn ...... thats some serious freakin water
Yeah, my son lives on the South Side up hill of all this, only time he has been happy to live on a hill.

Maybe a little early, but theres sure gonna be some flood damaged cars up for auction shortly.

I have been looking for a very cheap run around.
also maybe not the time, but i wonder if the train in pic 3 ended up arriving?
I was sorta wondering why the lights were on also, I dont think Toowoomba have passenger trains go through??? so it might be freight, possibly the coal train to or from the Acland Coal Mine
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