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Hi all, i need some tips on replacing my radiator please. i have done a search and have not found much info on my model but have pm dsmit who was kind enough to point me in the right direction. i would like to get as many pointers as possible. Keep in mind i am an electrician and generally hand my car over to a mechanic unless its electrical work.
The car blew the top hose off the radiator out the back of howard springs N.T because the plastic bit that the hose connects to on the top tank totally disintergrated except for a small nub. I managed to tape the hose inplace and refill the radiator twice with water from the esky and limp it back to camp.(hopefully didnt cook it)
I have just got back to darwin after a month with the car sitting there in camp.
I have a new adrad radiator that will bolt straight in. The hoses and the thermostat were replaced about 2 months ago.
What is your advice on what should be done.
How much coolant do i need to refill whole system
How do i drain the water out of the engine block
Could there be any plastic bits in the engine block
will transmission oil need topping up
will thermostat be ok
best way to get old one out and new one in
what other things might i need bar tools and coolant.

Thanks for your help any input at all is appreciated.
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