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Radiator Supplier / Repairer in Bankstown

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Hi Guys,
After doing some work under the engine bay today I have accidentally snapped the fitting from the overflow line, splitting the plastic where the brass barb attaches to the tank at the top of the radiator....

Is there any decent and well priced Radiator suppliers / repairers in he Bankstown / Parramatta (work in Parra) Area that do are relaible??

Would the best option be? (obviously on a pretty tight budget, but I want things to be fixed properly)

1) Exchange Radiator (if this exists?)
2) have a new tank put on top of the old radiator
3) Buy a brand new one

2000 Wagon
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Others have said the plastic gets brittle with age and prolonged high temps, so it might be a blessing that it let go when you sat on it rather than going up a long hill towing off on a holiday. I got a genuine calsonic for my 1998 TB45 on ebay for about $400 (new old stock) which was a big discount from dealer price. I probably could have got a new top tank and had the old rad rodded for about half that. I was happy to buy genuine as the old one had lasted 13 years and was still in good nick and the long term durability of aftermarket stuff is hard to know. I probably don't need the new one to last that long.

maybe PM Nizzbits for a price?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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