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1998 Nissan Patrol Wagon RD28ETi
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You need more info - What diff ratios, What tyre sizes, What gearbox? RD28 as standard has 4.6 ratio diffs with 31" inch tyres. RB30 has 4.3 diffs with 31'" tyres. RD28 uses about 12 - 14 L/100km, RB30 uses 14 -18 L/100km.

On the head is there only one temp sensor or two sensors? I think the GQ RD28 only has 1 temp sensor - 6mm blade terminal. This is for the dash cluster gauge as the GQRD28 did not have an ECU for engine. The RB30 could have a second temp sensor that would be connected to the ECU. Not sure if this would have any impact on the tune from the ECU.

Do some simple stuff first like running some injector cleaner for a couple of tanks and checking the spark plugs.
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