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Hi guys... first post here :)

I've sent my carby off to be rebuilt this arvo, get it back tomorrow all things going well. Hopefuly when i get it back on I car start getting the power and fuel consumption that others on here get from their RB30 Patrol as i'm pretty close to getting rid of the thing if it doesn't improve. I've been getting about 27 litres per 100k's (pretty sure that's right, 350k's from 95 litres of fuel please correct me if i am wrong) while on the highway or 38 litre per 100k's out in the bush having fun (250k's per 95 litres). On top of that the thing is pretty gutless struggling to get up hills on the highway (dropping down to 70-80k's from 100k's when i hit even smallish hills) and will only get up steep hills in first gear in the bush.

So yeah as much as i love the thing it's just costing me way too much to get to work and back in and then just the thought of going on a camping trip is a little scary.
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