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Need help from the brains trust have a rebuilt gq rd28 with supporting mods.
I have turned the boost comp fully up and a 1/2 turn on the main fuel screw driving normal the patrol purrs along beautifully.
The problem is when wind out the gear and qive it a gut full and tak it to full boost of 18psi she will missfire and loose all power for a few seconds then come good and drive fine running a gt2860 and for the life of me cant work it out no boost leak comp check everything is perfect egts sit at 280 at 110 being front mounted and temp guage sits at 1/4.
Do the gq rd28s have a fuel cut if they rev to high or anything like this as its like its starving for fuel pump is brand new fully rebuilt as are the injectors engine has 2k on it since rebuilt will happen mostly in 1st 2nd and 3rd.
Thanks for the help.
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