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RD28T GQ Excessive black smoke

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Hey guys i'm asking this on behalf of my friend as he hasn't got the internet and needs a little help. I have no experience with the 2.8 so i best ask. And yes i tried the search with no luck in any threads i looked through.

My mate just bought a 97 GQ 2.8L Turbo w/400,000km, he got it as a run about car but has soo much black smoke pouring out. Changed the air filter and it helped slightly. Pump is in good cond, injectors cond unknown so will pull them and put new nozzles and shim them.

But it still seems to be overfueling and down on power. has anyone had any issues with these motors and smoking? I mean i dont mind a little black smoke, but Cummins 24valve redneck smoke is a little too much.

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you will find a lot of threads in the GU section about 2.8 and black smoke. Could be a number of reasons from fuel filter to injectors being dirty, or the injector pump needing a little adjusting.
I used to get a lot of smoke from mine and it ended up that it was getting to much fuel. I had a injector mob adjust the settings on the injector pump and its a lot bette now
on another note 400,000km is a good effort for the 2.8 Patrol. Makes mine a look like a baby with only 285,000.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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