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Hello guys,

I was wondering i fit would be possible to build a injection pump out of a rd28t engine on a td42 engine? Someone who know what are the big differences in these pumps except from the plunger? Is it correct that an rd28t engine has an 8mm plunger and the TD42 has an 11mm plunger?
I want to turbo my TD42 but is has a inline pump so there is no boost compensator so because I don’t like black smoke before boosting I’m looking for the options in pumps… TD42’s are here not common and another pump isn’t so easy to find, but if mine rd28t is usable if I rebuild it with an 11 or 12mm plunger that would be awesome!
So is there someone who know what’s the biggest difference is between those 2 pumps?

Thank you very much
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