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Hey Guys

have a 2000 Gu Patrol with a DI zd30 608,000 ks and going strong however the auto has developed a rather unique condition

if i want to take off from a standstill i have to place selector in 2nd then it will upshift itself from 1st to 2nd then where it SHOULD upshift to 3 -4 you have to manually flick selector into D then it will upshift perfectly fine however if you keep it in 2 and keep driving you can feel a slight flatspot where it TRIES to change im thinking either solenoid bad or bad tcu what does everyone else think open to sugestions

i also bought as a box to put in a re4r03a 51x18 out of a gq Injected TB45 so im told now my auto in my GU is a 57x18 will the 51x18 fit my car if i use the zd30 torque converter and bellhousing or not

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