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Hi everyone i have made up a bit of a rough itinerary for my June/July trip to Cape york. The itinerary is more related to the trip from Karratha WA to Cairns i want to spent as much time up the Cape so the road trip will be a flying one so no sightseeing (well maybe on the trip home) just long driving days with maybe one slightly shorter day to give the missus a break. Big kilometres don't bother me as i drive Karratha to Perth (1500ish ks) often in one hit with ease.The reason for the rushed trip is i only have 6 weeks off so two weeks for travel there and back and four weeks up the cape.I know there are plenty of shortcuts but i would prefer to stick to this route we are meeting fellow travellers at some of these spots. Below is my itinerary feel free to adjusted it or give me tips if you think it will help me out.

Thank you

Karratha to Broome/Willare roadhouse
Day 2
Broome/Willare roadhouse to Kununurra
Day 2
Kununurra to Katherine
Day 4
Katherine to Three ways
Day 5/6
Here’s where I get lost
Do I do Three ways to Mount Isa?
Or Three ways to Townsville
Day 7
Townsville to Cairns
Day 8/9
Shopping- service Patrol etc
Heading to the Cape Let the fun begin
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