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The only way that my tow tongue could possibly snap before a snatch strap snaps is if it is already suffering from fatigue cracks. Same for a tow ball. The difference is that it is impossible to inspect a tow ball for fatigue cracks without removing it. It is pretty easy to check the welds on a towing tongue when it is installed. I'll happily continue using the towing tongue which I understand is only designed for towing, but then so is the tow bar.

Edit: I just did some searching for the mentioned incident and the only instance I could find of welds on a tow hitch failing during a snatch recovery was when the hitch was that badly corroded that more than 50% of the weld material had rusted away. The hitch travelled another 90 metres after striking the victim in the head. More info here in the coroner's report; https://www.magistratescourt.tas.go...ings/s/stein,_joshua_phillip_-_2010_tascd_418
Ouch !!!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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