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Rear Tail lights won't turn off?

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I went out for a 4x4 today and had my driving lights on the whole time and now my for some reason my tail lights won't turn off. All the other lights are off but the tail lights are still on. Does anyone have any susgestions as what the causing the problem?
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If it is brake lights there is a rubber stopper on the brake pedal that turns off the brake light switch, i had mine fall out and there for the brake lights wouldn't go out.Just glued the rubber stopper back on and all good again.
Thanks everyone for suggestions.

Thanks Vanderbro I found my rubber stopper broken in pieces on the floor mat in the mud, need new one.
its not a stoper its a in out switch. about 3/4's the way up the peddel arm
Cheers, my lights turn off when I push the switch in but the rubber stopper has gone, I have pulled the fuse out to stop lights for the time being.
i just put a bolt in there. grind bolt till its the right thickness and bobs your uncle. cost me all of 20 miuntes haha. saves giving nissan dollars they dont need.
Thank Benos, great idea.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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