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Registration Defect Quiery

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Hey Guys.

Quick question regarding defects. I own a 2000 GU station wagon with 7 seats. I've taken the 2x boot seats out and was wondering if I get pulled over, is there a chance I will get fined for not having the 2 seats? Will I get questioned why it's rego'd as a 7 seater when acting as 5 seater?

Everyones imput is welcome.


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I ran a 1998 GQ RX TD seven seater in the NT, SA and ACT. I had the cargo bay rear 2 seats out for 5 years but left the belts there. The only place I had a problem was in the ACT when I went to rego it there. I had to put the seats back in to get it rego'd. No problems anywhere else.Take the cargo seats belts out as well and no one will be any wiser.

Check with your state rego to get the answer. I do not think the police would be bothered with something as trivial but you never know if they are in a bad mood. You would be unlucky.
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