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Remapping Dtronic Chip

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Was advised to get to get my Dtronic remapped in order to get the best out of a 3" exhaust upgrade. Anyone got this done? Otherwise is there any chip best suited to the DI ZD30 (manual) or is the Dtronic as good as any? Want more torque for towing rather than power up high. Thanks
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G'day Mike, You want torque!!! , go see Ray at Turbo Engineering in Thomastown. He does his own units. Chits on the OFF the shelf stuff. And if you have a manual, ask him to do the boost control as well, No more riding the clutch. He did mine and it's amazing the difference....not just a small's a MASSIVE improvement. On the Dyno torque is up from around 480Nm to 700Nm....Pulls like a train.

Cheers macca
Hi Macca,
Can you post the results of your dyno run in whities thread?
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