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hey guys, I have a 2000 model 3ltr dx model Patrol GU

I'm having abit of a problem with my ECU. Namely the old one keeps throwing up all sorts of errors that don't exist - being a MAF sensor error - after replacing the MAF, testing the voltages, continuity within the loom etc the only thing left is the ECU. (with the old ecu the car still runs but seems to go into some sort of "safe" mode)

I have a new (2nd hand) ECU to install. When I connect it all up the motor cranks over but wont start - the LED on the dash starts blinking telling me it's the NATS kicking in.

Now... the tricky part. can the new ECU be reset to learn the existing keys (as opposed to new keys being programmed with the code already in the ecu)

And - can it be done by a locksmith / auto electrician or mechanic (ultra tune or someone like that) or do I have to take it back to Nissan?? ($$?)

I've tried to hook the ECU (both old and new) to my laptop via an obd cable but can't get it to work (i think it's a matter of finding the right software or the obd connector in the car is no good).

Last visit to Nissan they couldn't get the old ecu to talk to any of their computers, would this be the case with the new ecu fitted?

I'm really after the easiest, cheapest option here...
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