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Nissan Patrol ST 2008 Wagon
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Hi there

Been a member for a while, sold my 2003 ST 3.0DI wagon just over 12 months ago, just picked up a nice 2008 ST 3.0CRD wagon with 166k on the clock, been looked after, very tidy inside.

Current mods
Lifted 2 inches
Speedy rims with 33" tyres
3" exhaust (with resonator) :rolleyes:
Roof rack with awning and light bar
Bull bar with 14,000 pound winch and kings LED spotties

Future Mods
Catch can
EGT block
Dawes, Tillix or boost actuator, not sure yet still researching!
Maybe a Steinbauer!!
Replace resonator with muffler ;)
Amp, some better speakers and a sub


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Welcome back mate, personally I would not go the actuator route, just Dawes or Tillix, as for a chip, well, have a read up on remaps, that is the way I would go, there are two ways to tackle this a mail order or a visit, I had one of the first mail orders from many years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did.

Rust is just natural weight reduction.
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Welcome back Rex.
Congrats on the new rig, sounds like a great base for a project and the mods you have planned.
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