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rhino roof tray

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hey guys,

lookin at the new "pioneer" rhino roof rack alloy tray for the GU. Its the latest tray they make which is fully welded and uses the legs from your rhino racks to support it as opposed to the older model that you place on top of your racks. Has anyone got one or know someone that has one as i am interested in your views on them.....are they capable of holding a load...etc....what do ya think

Thanks, Anthony
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I installed the platform rack on mine a couple weeks ago.
Rhino Rack - Roof Racks for NISSAN Patrol 4WD GU LWB 12/97 On

It took about 2.5 hours from un boxing until it was completely finshed and mounted. I took it on and off 4 times, but that's because I had to quickly assemble at the dealership so i could get it home (on my roof ;) )
Once home, i read the directions (dont forget the appendix) which was really helpful! :)
I riveted it together with a hand rivet gun in about a half hour.
The three cross bars that mount to the rhino legs can be mounted in three different positions (for different vehicles) and once you have them in the right position, they need to be riveted to the rack for strength. They are bolted on each side of the rack but the only way to fasten them down to the middle planks is by riveting. There are 5 cross bars total, 2 are factory riveted. So it does come partially assembled, but you have to finish assembling it to fit your specific vehicle.
The rivets could be drilled out later to be fitted to a different style vehicle.

I am happy with it. Havent tested it with a heavy load yet, but dont notice any extra weight on the roof or wind noise (though I can rarely get over 80kph where i am at, as the roads are terrible, so there might be wind noise at higher speeds ??)

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