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rhino roof tray

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hey guys,

lookin at the new "pioneer" rhino roof rack alloy tray for the GU. Its the latest tray they make which is fully welded and uses the legs from your rhino racks to support it as opposed to the older model that you place on top of your racks. Has anyone got one or know someone that has one as i am interested in your views on them.....are they capable of holding a load...etc....what do ya think

Thanks, Anthony
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Sold one to a customer a few weeks back and helped fit it. Apart from it being pretty time consuming to put together and fit I was really impressed with it. Appears very well made and of course allows all the Rhino accesories to attach to it easily. I've had an OL/Dolium Windcheetah for a couple of years now and I reckon the new Rhino is almost as good, and quite a bit cheaper.
Not sure what the rivet gun is for. We didn't use one. Because they're a universal fit rather than 'made for a Patrol' there is a certain amount of measurement and assembly involved. From memory the rack is one welded piece but the legs have to be attached and located in two dimensions. It's not difficult unless your mechanically challenged but it is time consuming. Working on a lifted Patrol makes it a bit harder too unless your really tall. I wouldn't let the assembly put you off. Unless you change vehicles, you'll only ever have to do it once. And of course the real bonus is that if you do change vehicles then it moves with you. Think of it as the last roof rack you'll ever need.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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