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Rock crawling is always related with tough climbs, intense angles and tight corners. There is plenty of winches out there on the market but not all of them be can be equally used for this kind of the off-road activity.

Warn 9.0Rc is a low-profile, lightweight winch that delivers maximum power in a compact, 54-lb. unit that will not overload your frontend which is vital especially if your rig is rocking a tough off-road bumper.

The 9.0Rc is a winch built for rock crawlers looking for efficiency, reliability and legendary WARN performance.

* Click on the picture to view details

Check out some of the main features of this winch that will prove the words above with numbers:

- 9000 lbs. of pulling power and fast line speed in a compact, lightweight package that’s ideal for competitive rock crawlers
- Powerful series wound 4.8 hp 12V DC electric motor
- 3-stage planetary gear train with 216:1 gear ratio
- Includes 50’ of 3/8” diameter synthetic rope and 360-degree swivel hook and thimble
- Ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that provides extra rope protection against abrasion and wear
- Exclusive multi-segment cam actuated brake for positive operator control during winching
- Line speed: 32’ per minute under no load at 85 amps, 5.6’ per minute at 9000 lb. max. load at 408 amps
- Contactor control pack delivers long duty cycles and exceptional durability
- Primer undercoat with gloss red finish coat for superior corrosion resistance
- Dimensions: 16.8”L x 6.3” D x 7.6” H
- Weight: 54 lbs.
- Limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts
- Limited 1-year warranty on electrical component

- What do you think about this winch?

- Has anyone on the forum tried it?

If you need a quote - please let me know your zip code and email address and I will gladly calculate it for you!

Bonus: Warn winching techniques guide PDF


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It is small and neat if you are putting it on a small front bar like on a Jeep or rock crawler type front tube bar.
Depends on the type of use you are going to give it. For me being waterproof is the number one consideration, otherwise it gets water in it and then is useless when you go to use it.

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"... and 360-degree swivel hook and thimble" ??

Nice for comps where the winching recovery points are arranged in advance, but for use on the tracks I'd like more than 15m of winch rope on the spool.
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