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Hi guys, been off-line for a while now... but inbetween ive been tinkering with servicing mods an all.. an yet ive still got the same problem

On start up the car tends to puff unburnt diesel, usually i can tell jus by smelling before seeing the smoke lol, it goes away once the engine is warmed up and driving

Car is been driving fine, an starts up in the coldest condition

Sitting on 210,000kms GU2 ZD30 with 3 inch straight exhaust, exhaust temps are average 250 - 350, depending on driving an incline of the road, and with 35's on it, temps stays up same but tends to climb bit faster :D

So far ive tried to rectify the problem by replacing:

-glow plug timer + new metal tipped bosch tipped plugs (plugs timed to 20 - 30 sec)
-Fuel filter changed
-running diesel additives, but makes minimal effects

So now its a case of either its the Injectors or the pump is on its last leg or something else?

What do you guys think?

Ive only had the car for few months... so hoping its nothing serious :(
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