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anyone know if there any suspension guys open on friday?

i know it's alot to ask,
but the guy i wanna go to won't be open.

and i don't wanna wait.

must be really good priced, deal with dibbinson..
and have the shizz i want. haha.

be good if they are on the form, or if i could email them for a quote?

tall order, being christmas n shizz.. so yeah, if not ill wait.

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Hey Man

My mate Tom runs Fourplay 4x4, ill give him a ring and see if they will be open tomorrow for ya.

He should look after you......What are you after?
Well I rang Tom Yesterday......
And they are open for good on Tuesday.

He said that he can easily match that price but he said that you will need adjustable Panhards.

So if you give him a ring before you go anywhere else and hell sort you out. Just tell him that Matt P sent you :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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