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anyone know if there any suspension guys open on friday?

i know it's alot to ask,
but the guy i wanna go to won't be open.

and i don't wanna wait.

must be really good priced, deal with dibbinson..
and have the shizz i want. haha.

be good if they are on the form, or if i could email them for a quote?

tall order, being christmas n shizz.. so yeah, if not ill wait.

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Hey Man

My mate Tom runs Fourplay 4x4, ill give him a ring and see if they will be open tomorrow for ya.

He should look after you......What are you after?

Thanks Matty,

they are on main north road, bout a 1km up from gepps cross?

im after;
3" coils
4" shocks
steering damper
2 degree castor bushes
longer rear brake line
brake proportioning bracket
15mm+ XHD lower rear control arms

all for about $1400, or better?
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why would i need adjustable panhards?

shouldn't for 3" lift?
my mates not running them.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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