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Hi there , just bashed in the bottom of my passenger side fender , so need another , does any body know of any one wrecking (splitting up for parts ) a safari ?

. this was the last trip before putting on the 4 inch lift of course [email protected]!!

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I am not aware of a parts rig other than the one Twinnotter600 got a while ago. IIRC, that one had the passenger fender completely smoked. There was also that guy up in Grande Prairie with two y60s that were for sale for a long time. I haven't heard of anyone buying them and he wasn't interested in parting them out. You may be best off just ordering a new one from Nissan. Is your fender so bad that it can't be fixed? You might try taking it to a sheet metal shop instead of a body shop. It is amazing what they can duplicate now very quickly.
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