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Safari Snorkel instructions

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just about to buy a second hand Safari Snorkel- should be a SS 10HF (for a RB30).
I was wondering if anyone had some instructions (PDF would be perfect) for
the installation - as it is not installed right now and I also want to make sure
that there aren't to many bits missing.

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I have just scanned it (All 8 pages) to the computer so send me your email and I'll forward it on to you! Easier that way as it has to be shrunk too small a file to download on to here!
Cheers Mick

Myself personally i did it and was a breeze to do. I didnt have the large hole saw so i used a smaller one then finished of with my tin snips (I'm a boiley by trade and have done alot of sheety work so i guess that helps abit) due to not having the right hole saw i just tear dropped the hole to suit the rubber sleave in the pack, and when they say 18mm from guard fold it was pretty much spot on! the rest is very straight forward! any more help let us know!
snorkel instuctions

If anyone else has got a TD42 (90-94) or TB42 or RB30 Safari Snorkel second hand pm me and I'll send the intructions your way via email as it is 5 mb!
Cheers Mick
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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