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Gday Guys,

I figured it was about time i put a members thread up in here for my GQ.
Ive had the shorty for about a year and a half now and its been a great truck in the time ive had it.

Current specs to date include:

- TD42 with aftermarket turbo
- Large front mount intercooler and boost controller ( setup is running 15 pound boost )
- GU ZD30 intake
- AU twin thermofans
- straight through 3 inch exhaust
- snorkel
- duel batteries
- cheezy bullbar and rear bar / carrier
- Custom made sliders
- 8000pound low mount winch
- 5 inch coils, 2 inch bodylift ( all tough dog and snake aftermarket uppers and lowers )
- aftermarket snake steering arms, diff guard.
- rear coil retainers and guides
- double cardin rear shaft
- 35 inch MTZs for the road and borrowed 37inch creepies offroad
- ARB airlockers front and rear running aftermarket 4.625 diff ratios
- Aircompressor
- rear quarter chop
- Interior rear 4x4 drawers full length
- 6 speaker, sub, 2 amps for some quality listening
- Mechanical oil pressure and water temp guages, boost and EGT guages
- spotties
- YURI 4x4 Strengthened CVs

bunch load of other custom bits and pieces i cant think of off the top of my head....

anyways this is how i bought it...........

No lockers or gears etc lift was already in it along with some of the other goodies.....


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had to remove the 2.5 tonne eyelets that were on the bullbar and rear bar and replace them with something stronger as CCDA wouldnt pass eyelets as recovery points.....

I unbolted the eyelets, cut them out and welded new peices of 25mm thick plate in through the bar welded to both sides....


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The intercooler pipework was a little tricky.
I wanted it out of the way.
I ran it through the front fire wall and behind the headlights and out and inbetween the outer and inner gaurds on both sides and back into the engine.......

I lost a 2 pound pressure drop from 12 pound to 10 pound when i did this, i then fitted the boost controller and wound up the fuel. I now have 15 pound and no noticable difference in lag.

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