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Ya, Yuri did build it and as such I can not give to many details.

It is a Sprintex S/C and is side mount. It is obviously before the turbo.

I was in Aus. in 2007 and Spent some time with Yuri in Toowoomba. His shop truck was a Cruiser Ute that he had put a S/C on, plus the stock turbo. On the drive back from Brisbane to Towoomba I was really blown away by this set up. Super cool, sounded awesome and performance was impressive. We talked about it on that drive and I was kind of sold on it after that. I am sure others have S/C'ed a diesel but his was the first I had seen or heard of.

I will tell ya from my limited uses with the engine so far that the S/C is definitely a go on the old SD33T. But the same rules apply, ie keep boost at about 15psi max. Other impressive results to the engine came from 2x intercoolers. The turbo is a Garret T3 that Yuri had built to his specs, so I don't know all the details on it. We had a bunch of stuff ceramic coated too. Also a top mount oil cooler. It also has a very nice custom made aluminum radiator. From what I have seen with it and from my limited use thus far, it runs extremely cool. A lot of the mods we did were not just for performance, rather to improve overall life of the engine and increase efficiency.

Shoot Yuri an email or call him. I am sure he can school you on the build, what and why. He is a really nice guy to boot!

hey mate do you know what Yuris shop in toowoomba was called? Cheers
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